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What Is a Green Roof? is a captivating and beautifully illustrated picture book that covers the history of green roofs, their environmental benefits, and where you can locate them in New York City. Nausicaa Valley Press, 2020

Green roof curriculum for grades Pre-K through 5th grade. New York City Audubon, 2019

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Video & Podcasts

Fields on Heritage Radio: Vicki Sando on Green Roofs at Schools


Brightly Good Together: Is Climate Change Curriculum Coming to a School Near You?


PBS Children’s Show Cyberchase “Housewarming Party: For Real”

Season 10/ April: featuring PS41’s Green Roof & Vicki Sando in a guest role.


“He’s Your Age: Ajani in New York” – ARTE TV

French television show featuring one of Vicki’s former students.


Urban Green Council 2014 Ebie Award Winner Category: Verdant Brainiac

Video by Urban Green Council


Inspiring Green Roof at PS41 in New York

National Wildlife Federation


Spectrum TV NY1 News

Opening of PS 41’s GELL green roof

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